I just got my female Golden Retriever from Connie this week. She is so sweet and wonderful! She sends pictures every week of your puppy and always answers emails rather quickly. I was a little afraid to get a puppy from online and to have her flown in, but Connie made sure everything would be okay. My Golden was being a big momma’s baby and didn’t to wean as fast, and Connie could have easily said here you can have her now, but instead she called me and told me she would rather be safe and baby her a little more, which I’m so glad she did. Thank you Connie for my wonderful little girl.


The Perfect Breeder Connie Fahey

I am very happy to share this words. I highly recommend getting your puppy from Connie Fahey for many important reasons First Connie is more than professional in dealing with puppies issues and breeding. She is very honest and expert.Second, the pricing of the puppy is very reasonable comparing to other breeders in different states. Connie has a great advantage, in my opinion, that she is very responsive to e-mail messages and she answers all my questions according to her expertise. Myself bought a golden retriever puppy from Connie this week for my 9 years old son on his birthday and Connie shipped the puppy on my son’s birthday.Connie updated me every week with puppy pictures as he grown.The puppy is very good,arrived in very good shape with very good health. Also,it came with his vet certificate updated on all shots, in big nice crate with food bag.The puppy is active and playful. In my opinion to get a puppy from Connie is a really great experience. Safe,honest and expert breeder.


Clyde and Red

I have purchased two Goldendoodles from Connie over the past year. Both pups where healthy and very happy. They have been easy to train to be in the house and are extremely smart. I would recommend Connie to everyone.


Gail R in Oregon

Connie was fantastic! We have had Keeshond in the past and they are hard to find. Then we live in Oregon and I was concerned with scams. Not to worry with Connie. She will send you progressive photos and stay right with you until you receive your pup. And our pup? AMAZING. Very bright and healthy.


Female Goldendoodle

This is my First Goldendoodle. We got her in Sept. At 8 weeks. We are in Love with this girl. She has been so easy to train and by far the most chill puppy we have ever had. Connie was very professional, had everything written out and answered all my questions. Would recommend her to everyone.


Love my puppy

I got my puppy back in June and we couldn’t be any Happier. She healthy and a very happy dog we just love her so much. We are looking to get another one in the future and I will definitely get with Connie.